Used item delivery

Pick up and delivery from local thrift stores and pre-used furniture outlets. Easy scheduling, fast delivery, and friendly movers.
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Get help moving items purchased from private parties or second-hand stores. We pick-up, deliver and set up pre-used sofas, tables, BBQs, grills, and many other types of used items.
How PacWest delivery works
Share your details
Tell us about the items being delivered and your pick-up and drop-off locations. We build a custom delivery plan based on your unique needs.
Schedule a delivery time
We offer multiple delivery times during the morning, afternoon, and evening. Choose a time that works best for your schedule.
Receive updates
We keep you informed throughout the entire delivery process. Receive text messages and phone calls directly from your delivery team.
Used item deliveries start as low as $290
Schedule a delivery appointment fast

Show your support for local businesses

When you hire PacWest Moving for used item delivery, you're supporting a local business. All local deliveries are fulfilled by full-time PacWest employees. We are locally-owned and operated and a superior alternative to Dolly, Lugg, and other tech companies owned by Silicon Valley investors. When you hire PacWest Moving, your money stays local and helps your community.
PacWest movers in a moving truck.
We also offer these local delivery services

Furniture assembly

Assembling modular furniture is complicated and confusing. There is no room for error. Trust your furniture assembly to PacWest. Provide us the parts and instructions and we’ll assemble and position your furniture just how you want it. Hand and power tools are included at no additional cost.

Trash disposal

We remove used boxes, styrofoam, plastic wrap, and other packing materials at the end of your delivery. We take bulky furniture, appliances, refrigerators, and other items to the local dump. We merge responsible disposal practices and environmental stewardship by recycling all eligible items.

White glove delivery

White glove delivery is our highest level of service. We offer pick-up and delivery, but much much more. Our white glove service includes unboxing, installation, and set up. We also remove boxes, plastic, and other packing materials upon departure.

Short-term storage

For those times when your home is not ready for your new furniture and you need short-term storage. We offer temperature-controlled storage at our secure warehouse facilities. Schedule a delivery when your home is ready.

Trust PacWest with all of your local delivery needs