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Where To Buy Used Office Furniture In Phoenix, Arizona

Where To Buy Used Office Furniture In Phoenix, Arizona

An office is a space that doesn’t only represent the place where all your employees will be working together and growing as a team. It is also where they will spend most of their time every week, brainstorming brand new ideas and building long-term  relationships. This is where your office furniture's design and comfort start to play a significant role.

Although purchasing high-end office furniture within a limited budget may prove to be challenging for many businesses, investing in pre-owned furniture from a reliable source can be a feasible alternative. It can help create a good atmosphere with comfortable furnishings at your workplace without breaking the bank. 

Benefits of Buying Second-Hand Office Furniture

1. Affordable

Used furniture can be purchased at a lower price than brand new furniture. This can be great for company owners on a tight budget but who still want to ensure the best furnishings for their office.

Showroom of used office furniture like tables, chairs, sofas etc.
Buying second-hand office furniture is cost-effective for business owners who want to purchase quality office furnishings but has a limited budget. (Credit: Contract Furnishings, Inc.)

2. High-end Yet Budget-friendly

Another advantage of using office furniture is the opportunity to acquire pieces from high-end brands at a fraction of the original cost. This opens up the door to buying modern and high-quality pieces which will boost the appeal of any office. 

3. Faster Setup

Unlike brand new pieces of furniture, used ones don’t take much time to set up in the office. Most of them come pre-assembled from the respective shop or owner and thus reduce the overall time required for installation. Whereas in the case of new furnishings, the installation time can be considerably longer. 

4. Easily Replaceable

Another perk of investing in pre-owned office furniture is that it gets cheaper to switch the interior decor. Such items are great for a temporary workspace while you look for superior spaces to set up your office.

Ergonomic chair beside wooden table
It is cheaper to switch your interior decor with second-hand office furniture.

Should I Buy Used Office Furniture?

Investing in used office furniture pieces may not be the most commendable solution for some business owners. To determine if you belong to that group or not, check if any of the following restrictions apply to your company. 

• Tight Budget

Buying used office furniture mostly caters to small business owners working on achieving their goals at an optimum expense. Running the ship on a tight budget already comes with certain obstacles. One of those obstacles can easily be overcome by getting functional pieces at an economical price. 

• Limited Timeframe

Second-hand office furniture is ideal for those who have to organize or modify their workplace furnishings within a narrow timeframe. They can take advantage of the faster installation with pre-assembled used furniture delivered to their door and avoid the relatively long lead time. 

Different types of Ergonomic chairs
Pre-owned furniture has a faster setup, is pre-assembled, and can be delivered to your office within a narrow timeframe. (Credit: Sarah Kobos / Wirecutter)

When Should I Buy Used Office Furniture?

The price ranges offered by second-hand markets can vary drastically throughout the year. That is why you need to pick the right time for purchasing your used furniture pieces. 

Generally, the month of July comes with the most benefits since this is when markets have a bigger inventory of pre-owned items. They need to make space for new collections released at the end of summer and thus prefer getting rid of most used office furniture within this period. 

Besides, July is a popular time for vacations. So you can modify your office interior with these new second-hand pieces effectively without compromising your team's productivity. 

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying Used Office Furniture

1. Comfort

A potential risk of purchasing pre-owned furniture like chairs is to end up with flawed ergonomics that cause back pain. For this reason, comfort should be one of your top priorities when looking for used chairs and other sitting furniture. In particular, pick the ones with features like neck and lumbar support, adjustable seats, and wrist supports. 

2. Take Measurements

It’s important to take measurements of your office space before buying used furniture. Ask the seller if they know the dimensions of an item before you buy it. Be sure the desk, table, chairs, and other furniture will fit nicely into the available space. This will avoid costly and time-consuming returns and wasted time for you and the seller. 

3. Try Before You Buy

If possible, make an arrangement to test out the pre-owned office furniture before finalizing your purchase decision. You can also take a few employees with you to see how they feel about it. This increases the chances of a successful deal that benefits all parties involved.

A man inspects office chairs before purchasing them.
It is best to test out second-hand office furniture before buying them. (Credit: Kings Office Furniture)

How To Shop Locally For Used Office Furniture?

1. Office Furniture Liquidators

Liquidators are companies that sell furniture on behalf of companies that have been liquidated or closed. The liquidator's duty is to sell off assets and help their client settle open claims with creditors and other parties to whom money is owed.

Office furniture liquidators are a good place to get low-cost used office furniture. Liquidators offer a no-frills purchasing experience that focuses on sales rather than value-added services like workplace design and consultation.

2. Consignment Stores

You can also pick the furniture pieces you like from the second-hand furniture collection available at your local consignment stores. They usually have high-quality pre-owned pieces for grab at a discounted price. Moreover, they might offer you pick-up services which can be utilized for inspecting the items upfront before paying for them. 

3. Classified Ads on Social Media

Introduction of specialized marketplaces on social media platforms has opened the door for individuals to put classified advertisements for their goods. You can come across ads for unique products including used office furniture sold at a fraction of their original cost. 

4. Retail Stores

Since used furniture has become a popular niche, a number of retail stores have started showcasing second-hand items in a dedicated section. In fact, certain retail businesses specialize in bringing the finest pre-owned furniture to their store, so that you can physically check its quality and make an informed purchase decision.

5. E-Commerce 

In addition to social media marketplaces, used products are also sold via online stores. While you can’t check the quality of such items before purchase, it does save you the time and effort to visit multiple stores to find one piece of furniture. 

Where Can I Buy Used Office Furniture in Phoenix?

1. Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs

Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs is a renowned organization in the Phoenix metropolitan area that has been serving the people since 1986. You will find their huge showroom of 26,000 square feet, south of the I-10 freeway. 

Along with providing reliable services and high-quality used office furniture for almost four decades, they also offer delivery and pickup services across Phoenix.

Company Profile 

Years in business
3920 East Broadway Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Office furniture sold
  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Files
  • Bookcases
  • Modulars
Related Services
  • Design / Space Planning
  • Installation
  • Delivery / Pick up
  • Rental and Leasing
  • Office Liquidation

2. National Office Interior and Liquidators

National Office Interiors and Liquidators pride themselves on having one of the largest used office furniture collections in the USA. Founded by Monte Knudson in 2007, the company sells and delivers purchased pieces across the nation.

They have five retail showrooms in the country including one on East Hadley Street in Phoenix. Along with offering a versatile well-curated collection, they also follow an eco-friendly approach to ensure a better future for the entire planet. 

Company Profile

Years in business
1502 East Hadley Street #150
Phoenix, Arizona 85034
602-269-8100 / 877-897-1910
Office furniture sold
  • Desks
  • Cubicles
  • Chairs
  • Storage cabinets
  • Office accessories
Related Services
  • Delivery
  • Liquidation

3. Markets Wests Office Furniture Inc. 

The Phoenix showroom of Markets West is stocked with used and refurbished office furniture. They are considered specialists in pre-owned furniture pieces which include cubicles, desks, chairs, and file cabinets. When you step into the showroom, a sales associate will accompany you to make the suitable choices according to your branding, budget, and space constraints.

Company Profile 

4007 E. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Office furniture sold
  • Ergonomic Sit Stand
  • File cabinets
  • Storage and Filing
  • Cubicles-Modular Systems Furniture
  • Conference tables
Related Services
  • Installation
  • Delivery

Why You Should Hire A Portland Moving Company?

If you are planning on purchasing used office furniture, it would be the most convenient and economical to do it locally. Especially, hiring a moving company can help you execute the whole process much more smoothly. 

Picking a Portland moving company from a neighborhood like Portland brings down the overall cost, time, and effort required for the procedure. Additionally, experienced movers will know the nits and grits of transporting a piece of furniture the most efficiently without causing it any damage.