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Where to Buy Used Office Furniture in Eugene, Oregon

Where to Buy Used Office Furniture in Eugene, Oregon

Physical evidence is the essence of any place, be it your home or office. It can be one of the factors that might help in closing a deal and winning or retaining a client. If you have recently established your own business or are thinking about expanding one, take a look at your workplace before entering into a serious job.

The most important aspect of constructing or remodeling your office is decent furnishings. This may appear to be an issue, since purchasing new furniture may be costly. It can have a direct influence on your whole budget because a lot of money is spent on getting the infrastructure of your organization built while having to forego a chunk of your profits.

This seems to be one of the main reasons why businesses all over the world are shifting to buying secondhand office furniture and saving some serious money.

This article aims to address any questions you may have about purchasing used office furniture, as well as the best places to find used furniture in Eugene, Oregon.

Benefits of Buying Second-Hand Office Furniture

Cost Savings

As stated above, purchasing second-hand office furniture might result in saving some money for your company. As a matter of fact, used office furniture tends to cost 50-75% less than if you would buy new furniture. These saved bucks may be put into use to further strengthen your business, say recruiting additional personnel, or even modifying your official website that helps bring in more traffic.

Simple to Modify

In addition to being cost-effective, second-hand office furniture is simple to alter. You can buy used furniture of your choice for much less price and then get it modified according to your taste. You can get the furniture repainted that goes with your office theme, you may personalize it such as getting the knobs and leather changed while experimenting with some DIY techniques. Ultimately, you will end up having a piece of a mint condition, customized and modern furniture that too, in much less price.  

Fast Delivery

One of the significant benefits of getting a piece of used office furniture is that it is available for immediate delivery.  The reason is, that since it is already available in physical form and doesn’t need to be manufactured, that span of time is reduced,  allowing it to be purchased immediately.  Moreover, in most cases, second-hand office furniture is traded locally which means the time is saved along with the freight costs. The average time to have furniture delivered to yourself is one to two days.

One of the significant benefits of getting a piece of used office furniture is that it is available for immediate delivery.

What Kinds of Pre-Owned Office Furniture are Available for Sale?

There is a large selection of secondhand furniture to pick from. However, the most commonly used goods in workplaces include seats, desks, cabinets, shelves, and so on.


You can have a great deal of choice when it comes to choosing the ideal office chair for you. You may customize the color, height, cushioning, and other elements to meet your specific needs.

Pre-owned office chairs selling at the store
There are various pre-owned office chairs to choose from that will be ideal for your office space. (Credit: Contract Furnishings)

Besides that, some of the options include really nice stools as well that you can purchase, which might prove to be a good fit for your office's more casual spaces such as the kitchen or so.


Is it even an office if you see no desks lying around? Desks, same as office chairs, are available in a wide range of options to choose from. You can get your hands on a basic office desk, a storage desk, or any other type you like.


When it comes to seating arrangements for visitors at a workplace, sofas are the finest option. They are not only comfy but also stylish. Various sizes and styles of couches are available in pre-owned condition. A one-seater is usually more suitable for primary office areas. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. It all comes down to your particular choices. You may pick from a variety of sizes, colors, chairs, clothing materials, and so on.

Pre-owned Herman Miller Sofa Pod from
There are various sizes and styles of couches available in pre-owned condition. (Credit: Want Dont Want.Com)


There is also a wide selection of used office cabinets, both moveable and immovable, available. It comes in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, shelf counts, and compartments.


If your company tends to arrange frequent meetings or training sessions, you may want a podium. A podium is a piece of furniture that has an elevated platform with a tilted top used for delivering speeches or addressing an audience.  there is a wide variety of podiums in a secondhand condition available for purchase.


An employee is making a presentation to her colleagues using a whiteboard.
Whiteboards and blackboards are available in pre-owned condition.

Whiteboards and blackboards are frequently used in offices for presentations, training, reminders, and other functions. Surprisingly, they are also available in pre-owned condition, allowing you to save a significant amount of money.

What is Refurbished Office Furniture?

Refurbishing anything refers to remaking it by returning it to its original state. Refurbished office furniture is old, used furniture that has been repaired or refurbished by passing it through a number of stages. The process involves, but is not limited to cleaning, repairing, and decorating second-hand furniture. People get their furniture refurbished to give it fresh and extended life.

Refurbished office furniture is old, used furniture that has been repaired or refurbished by passing it through a number of stages.

Where Can I Find Used Office Furniture?

Many companies have closed as a result of the current COVID-19 epidemic. As a result, their furniture has been on the market at far lower costs than typical. For precisely that reason, you might locate a lot of secondhand furniture.

Here are a few companies that sell old office furniture:

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are a popular destination for those on a tight budget. Not only is the merchandise less expensive, but the pieces are often of high quality. Pre-owned furniture can be purchased at extremely reasonable costs that too with excellent pick-up services. This provides you the opportunity to physically inspect and check the goods before making a purchase.

Retail Stores

Used office chairs from Office Furniture Reborn
Retail stores that sell pre-owned office furniture have showrooms. (Credit: Office Furniture Reborn)

With the growing demand for old furniture, various retail businesses have begun to specialize in it. The great part about these retail stores is that, just like thrift stores, you can personally check the furniture before purchasing it.

Online Shops

Pre-owned furniture is also available through a number of internet retailers. You have the option of ordering the furniture you want from the comfort of your own home. You don't have to go through the trouble of visiting multiple stores to choose the "best" one as you already have references to the photographs, descriptions, and prices.

Classified Ads

Second-hand furniture is often sold by many individuals as well. In such circumstances, they frequently place advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as on other websites and even in newspapers. Classified advertising is also used by companies on a regular basis. You only need to be persistent in your hunt for the finest furnishings to meet the demands of your workplace.

Should I Shop Locally for Used Office Furniture?

You should absolutely do so. Unless you believe differently, shopping locally, particularly for furniture, is more convenient and useful. Shipping expenses are significantly reduced, as is the effort. 

Sample pre-owned office items from Rieke Office Interiors' showroom
Buying pre-owned office furniture locally is recommended because of accessibility and convenience. (Credit: Rieke Office Interiors)

Moreover, it is easier to follow up on the local sellers in case of any potential problems that might arise with the furniture over time. Conversely, buying furniture from places away from you might pose this issue of registering complaints or difficulties in obtaining after-sales services (if any).  

Where Can I Buy Used Office Furniture in Eugene?

Many people and companies in Eugene are selling old office furniture that you may buy right away. This covers both online and on-site sources.

Here are a few examples:

River Road 2nd Hand

River Road 2nd Hand is a store in Eugene that sells old furniture, appliances, and equipment, hence the name. They have been in this industry for over 23 years. They purchase slightly used furniture from third parties and resale it to their consumers at low costs. Due to their high demand rates, they claim to bring 2 to 4 trucks of merchandise every day. Every day, the collection is updated with new stuff to choose from. You may even sell them your unwanted furnishings.

Contact details

Address: 933 River Rd, Eugene, OR 97404, USA



Email Id:

Contact Number: +1 541-689-4554

Fine Consign

Fine Consign furniture store sells both new and old furniture and home furnishings. They have a large selection of second-hand furniture consignments arriving every day. Although the furniture is not designed exclusively for workplaces, you may always modify and choose appropriate pieces. You may also get some traditional carpets or other decoration pieces for your office at a lower cost. You can even pick out some classic rugs or other decor items for your office at comparatively cheaper prices. 

Contact details

Address: 1488 W 7th Ave Eugene, OR, US 97402



Email Id:

Contact Number: +1 541-343-1389

Shop timings: 

Tuesday - Friday (11 AM TO 5 PM)

Saturday (10 AM TO 5 PM)

Cort Furniture Outlet

Founded in 1972, Cort furniture outlet provides high-quality used furniture at reasonable prices. They refurbish the used furniture, modify it near to new, and offer both used as well as mint-conditioned furniture. They also offer a rental service; in case you need the furniture for a small span of time. Once you are done using it, you may return it to the store and pay them the due rent. Furthermore, they deal in decorative pieces and electronics as well.

Contact details

Address: 9495 SW Cascade Ave Unit A, Beaverton, OR 97008, United States






Contact Number: +1 888-360-2678

Madison Liquidators

Established in 2015, Madison liquidators sell eclectic items of new and used furniture. You can find almost any kind of furniture for your office here as well as different pieces such as lamps, organizers, keyboard trays, etc. They started from in-place stores and subsequently moved to become online stores in 2020. Also, they claim that all of their processes are environmentally friendly.

Contact details

Address: 2224 N Pleasant View Rd #6, Middleton, WI 53562, United States



Email Id:

Contact Number: +1 608-831-1012

Hire Local Portland Movers

When you buy the furniture, you may worry if it can be delivered to your business right soon. This may be highly costly, as well as unsafe at times.

In order to get a fantastic delivery experience, hire Pacwest Moving & Delivery to assist you with the delivery as well as installation at very reasonable costs. They are considered superior to other firms claiming to transport furniture to your home since they are experts in the sector. Their primary abilities, which provide a commercial moving experience, are item delivery and installation. Furthermore, because they specialize in such duties, their crew is well trained.