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How To Organize and Simplify a Move Using Moving Apps

How To Organize and Simplify a Move Using Moving Apps

Moving house is a major life transition and any resource you can use to make the changeover run more smoothly is welcome. We’re used to using app technology in many areas of our daily lives and there are many iPhone and Android apps that are designed specifically to help streamline the moving process.

These apps will help you with many aspects of the moving process including getting organized, keeping track of your belongings, designing your new garden, and even making some extra cash from decluttering your home. Here’s where you’ll find them and how you can make the most of them. 

Organizing Your Move

There are several apps to help with this, but not all are created equal. Some of the most useful include:

Move Advisor:

Set up your moving timeline with week-by-week checklists so you can see your progress and make sure you’re on schedule. You can also create a home inventory and get recommendations for movers and insurers.


Do you need help disassembling furniture, packing boxes, or loading your moving van? This app connects you with local, background-checked “taskers” who can help you get things done. Simply browse their qualifications, price, and reviews.

TaskRabbit helps find qualified people to help you organize your move (Credit: Prismetric)


Considered by many to be the number one inventory app, Sortly allows you to take pictures of your belongings and create a visual inventory by room, box, or any way you prefer. You can also mark your boxes with QR labels so you can scan them to find out what’s inside.

Declutter Before You Move

This is a great time to get rid of all those unwanted items so that you’re not cluttering up your new home. These apps can help you create more space:


Whatever category you clutter falls into, whether it’s clothing, technology, books, or furniture, Letgo will help you list your item for sale with just an image. Prospective buys can contact you easily using the app’s direct messaging tool.

Letgo helps you declutter by selling unwanted items for some extra cash (Credit: Businesswire)


This app turns your smartphone into a scanner so you can downsize your documents folders and files by storing them in the cloud. You’ll save lots of space in your home office and you’ll be ultra-organized.

Pantry Check:

When was the last time you checked the expiry dates on the food in your pantry? Scan the barcodes on your groceries and you’ll see a photo and details of each product. Pantry Check will alert you about expired items. You can also add items to your shopping list.

Getting Things Moving

Now you’ve pared things down to the things you want to keep, it’s time to pack and fix a date for the actual move. 


You have enough to do when you’re moving without worrying about cleaning. Handy lets you book a full move-out or move-in cleaning with a vetted service, so you have one less thing on your mind.

The Handy app provides you with a list of vetted services for your moving needs (Credit: PocketSuite)

My Moving Checklist:

Like having a personal advisor, this app will make sure you don’t forget any essential tasks associated with your move, such as buying materials, transferring your utilities, and changing your address.


Moving house is a sure way to work up an appetite, and the last thing you’re going to feel like doing on moving day is cooking. Whether you need breakfast before you start out, lunch on the way to your new home, or a housewarming dinner when you arrive, Grubhub lets you order food delivery from wherever you are.

Setting up Your New Home

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly where you wanted to put everything before you even moved into your new home? These apps can help you do just that:

BuildApp pro:

Quickly create a 3D model of the rooms in your home and work on your interior design. This app is simple, fast, and intuitive, whether you’re arranging furniture or rearranging wall hangings.

Room Scan Pro:

If you want more accuracy to create the floor plan of your new home, you can use this app to scan the dimensions of each room, and it will build the floor plan for you. It’s great if you need measurements for flooring or wallpaper.

RoomScan is a great tool to help get measurements of your new space to create a floor plan (Credit: Uncrate)

Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden:

If you want your new home to look as good outside as it does inside, this app will help you plan and design your landscape and give you advice on how to maintain it.

Settling In

These apps can help you learn more about your new neighborhood, its services and amenities, and your local community.


This is a great app if you’re moving to a new area because it will help you find out everything you need to know about local services. You can get real-time news from your neighbors about local businesses and agencies. Nextdoor will also send you crime alerts in your area.

The Nextdoor app helps you get to know your neighbors and neighborhood (Credit: Nextdoor Blog)


Keep your finances on track after your move with this budgeting app and manage all your finances in one place. It will help you keep abreast of your spending and find areas where you can trim your budget.


Make new friends who share similar interests. Whether you are into outdoor activities, fitness, or tech, you will find like minds in your local area.

Planning a move can be stressful and it’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed. But you can download these apps to ease your moving pains, streamline the process, and settle into your new home in comfort. Happy moving!