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5 Must Visit Places in Phoenix, Arizona for New Residents

5 Must Visit Places in Phoenix, Arizona for New Residents

Phoenix is known as the Valley of the Sun because of its dry and hot weather. The temperature in this city tends to go above 86 degrees F

Phoenix is located in the center of Arizona. It is the state capital and the fifth most populated city in the United States.

This city is one of the fastest-growing moving destinations for new residents. Many people move here because of low property taxes, good schools and universities, and a healthy economy with many job opportunities.

If you are a new resident, you would like to get familiar with the city and its attractions. This article aims to highlight 5 must-see places in Phoenix for new residents to explore nature, culture, and art exhibits offered. 

Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden is a must-see place for nature lovers to see many unique desert plants. The Garden exhibits 50,000 plants, including about 4,000 native species and more than 300 rare species. The giant cactus and century plants are a point of attraction for visitors. 

The Botanical Garden is located in Papago Park Phoenix and covers an area of 140 acres. It was established in 1937. The garden features the world’s unique desert plants, Schilling Library, Butterfly Pavilion, and Garden Shop along with excellent trails. 

Famous trails here include the Sonoran Desert, The Center for The Desert Living, Desert Discovery Loop, and Desert Wildflower Loop Trail. While hiking through the trails, visitors enjoy beautiful views of mountains, blooming flowers, and fragrances. 

Some of the eating options include the Gertrude’s and Patio Cafe located inside the Botanical Garden. At Gertrude’s, visitors enjoy tasty food cooked with farm-fresh ingredients. Patio Cafe is famous for salads, sandwiches, and a variety of refreshing drinks.

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix is also open for concerts, weddings, and private parties.

Sidewalk Saturday Artisan Market

Sidewalk Saturday was established in November 2020 and aims to promote local community artisans. This market takes place on sidewalks at the Churchill in Downtown Phoenix and operates every Saturday from 9:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. 

Sidewalk Saturday Artisan Market is famous for the art display of local artisans. Many artists, local brands, and musicians of Phoenix come with their artistry, and the market promotes their small businesses and creative handicrafts. 

The Sidewalk Saturday market is great for shopping. From clothing to music, food, and drinks, this market offers something for everyone. Most visitors also tend to enjoy brunch while shopping at the Side Walk Saturday Market.

Phoenix Art Museum

Phoenix Art Museum was established in 1959 and is the largest visual art museum in the southwest. Phoenix Art Museum features nearly 20,000 artifacts showcased in nine displays. It exhibits an art collection of American, Western American, Asian, European, and Latin American art and fashion design. 

The entrance of the Phoenix Art Museum in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix Art Museum features nearly 20,000 artifacts showcased in nine displays. (Credit: Visitor7/Wikimedia Commons)

You can visit the museum to explore the diverse world of art. The highlights of the Museum are the Sculpture Garden, Photography Exhibitions, Kusama Infinity room, 20 Miniature Thorne rooms, and the creative Asian Art Collection. 

This art museum also hosts festivals, live performances, educational programs, workshops, storytimes in galleries, art films, dining, and shopping.

Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo, founded in 1962 by Robert Maytag, is also one of the Phoenix Points of Pride. It covers 125 acres of land in the Papago Park area of Phoenix and exhibits around 1,400 animals.

The Zoo is renowned for the 2.5 miles of beautiful walking trails. The first one is the Arizona Trail which features desert plants and wild animals, including the Mexican wolf and collared peccary. 

Another notable trail is the Africa Trail which consists of African animals such as hamadryas, baboons, and white rhinos. 

A third trail is the Tropics Trail which features the habitats of the rainforest  Lastly, the Children's Zoo displays small animals like emus, ocelots, and siamang gibbons. 

The entrance of Phoenix Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona
Founded in 1962, Phoenix Zoo exhibits around 1,400 animals and 2.5 miles of beautiful walking trails. (Credit: Phoenix New Times)

Other points of interest include the stunning lake, safari train, camel ride, giraffe encounter, field trip, summer camp, night camp, and a gift shop. 

An annual light show known as Zoo lights is one of the most beautiful attractions the zoo offers. This is famous for sparkling light shows on the lakeside.

The Phoenix Zoo offers on-site eateries with a great variety on the menus. These eating options include the Crossroads, Farm Cafe, Sunset Treats, Jungle Java, Keg Corner, Lakeside Lounge, Kettle Korner, Safari Snacks, and Savana Grill.

South Mountain Park 

South Mountain Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the US and was established in 1924. The park is located in the south of central Phoenix and covers a mountainous area of 16,283 acres. This park has a viewpoint at 1,000 feet above the desert level.

There are multiple trails on either side of the park that offer the best view of greater Phoenix. These are fifty-eight miles long and visitors enjoy hiking, cycling, and horse riding here. The city’s scenic views are visible through Telegraph Pass, Dobbins - Holbert, and Beverly. Other notable trails include Alta, Bajada, Ranger, Kiwanis, and Desert Classic Trail. 

South Mountain Park is one of the biggest municipal parks in the US and has a viewpoint at 1,000 feet above the desert level. (Credit: The Roaming Boomers)

South Mountain Park offers many picnic areas with picnic tables, barbecue grills, restrooms, and large and small picnic areas. Small picnic spots are available on a first-come basis. In contrast, Large picnic areas are allotted on a reservation.

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