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5 Must-See Places in Seattle for New Residents

5 Must-See Places in Seattle for New Residents

Seattle is known as The Emerald City. It is called emerald because of its evergreen trees and the surroundings filled with all shades of greenery. 

Seattle, W.A. is a seaport city with a 737,015 population reported in 2020 and is located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. Seattle is a gateway of trade with East Asia. 

Many new residents are settling in Seattle. The reason is the beautiful weather, wonderful fun activities, and panoramic mountain views. Moreover, Seattle has a large job market in the tech industry, as well as local schools, which are safer than many big cities. 

Once settled in Seattle, you would want to explore the city for a home feel. Here are the 5 best places to visit in Seattle for new residents and to enjoy a happening life. 

The Space Needle 

The Space Needle is an iconic symbol of Seattle and was built in 1962 for the World Fair and is one of a kind. The Space Needle Seattle, with a height of 605 feet, offers you a view of the Seattle skyline and other eyeshots of Elliot Bay, Olympic, and Cascade mountains. 

An amazing view of the Space Needle at Seattle, Washington
Built in 1962 for the World Fair, the Space Needle is an iconic symbol of Seattle.

The Space Needle provides three observatory points for the view of Seattle. Loupe Lounge is a rotating glass floor that provides a full view of Seattle. There is also a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that offers a 360-degree view of the city from a height of 500 feet. The third observatory deck is an open-air point 520 feet above ground level. 

The Space Needle offers many delightful food options including SkyCity - a rotating restaurant known for its ambiance. Sky City is one of the most expensive restaurants in Seattle. Atmos Cafe is located on the top observation floor and offers a more expensive food options

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a must-visit spot in Seattle where farmers, craftspersons, and vendors have been selling their produce directly to consumers since 1907. Pike Place Market hosts more than 500 stalls and shops. From farmers' produce to handicrafts, books, magic tricks, magazines, glass art, quirky gifts, and live animals.

Public Market signage at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA
Pike Place Market hosts more than 500 stalls and shops.

If you are a food lover, a chef-guided tour of Pike Place is a must-see. The market has delectable eateries for food-focused visitors. Examples include DeLaurenti, Beecher Handmade Cheese, Ellenos Cheese, and many more to satisfy your appetite. 

Fresh seafood like scallops, shrimps, salmon, king crab, and caviar are available. If you’re seeking a wide variety of seafood, Pike Place is where you want to be.

The Museum of Pop Culture

Next to the Space Needle is the Museum of Pop Culture – also called MoPOP.

The Museum of Pop Culture hosts more than 80,000 artifacts and features pop culture from music, genre, gaming instruments, science fiction, fantasy, grunge, and terror. 

The Disney Costumes exhibition explores heroes and villains while other rooms exhibit Seattle's famous bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Hendrix. The sound lab allows visitors to play musical instruments including guitars, drums, and more.

MoPOP is home to many exhibitions and events. The Museum hosts the Sound Off - Seattle's best young talent music event annually. Events like this are where the next generation of producers and the rising stars of music, tv, and film is found.

Kerry Park

Kerry Park is named after a Northwest lumberjack, Albert Kerry. Kerry Park, located in the Queen Anne neighborhood, covers an area of 4000 sq. meters.

Kerry Park is famous for being home to the best views of Seattle. You can visit Kerry park at any time to view the skyline no matter if it is a foggy morning or a rainy day. 

The night lights view is another bliss for visitors. Park is pretty small but gives you a perfect view of Space Needle, Elliot Bay, Downtown, and Mount Rainier. 

Kerry Park is famous for being home to the best views of Seattle.

Nearby food attractions are Molly Moon Homemade Ice Cream, Seattle Center, Pacific Science, MoPOP, and riding the Monorail.

Woodland Park Zoo

Experience some wildlife at the Woodland Park Zoo – a non-profit dedicated to conserving animals and the environment. 

The Woodland Zoo, established in 1899, is located in the Seattle Green Lake neighborhood that covers 100 acres of land.

Morning and afternoon are the best times to enjoy the maximum feel of wildlife because the animals are the most active at this time. 

Out of 300 species of animals, you may be indecisive about where to start. You will encounter Assam Rhinos, Australian Kangaroos, Snow Leopards as well as Australian pets including Gliding Penguins and Flying Butterflies. If you want to explore how the East African villagers live with the wild animals, visit African Savanna to meet giraffes and lions. 

The Rose Garden is great for picnics or just walking around. A popular garden to stroll, read a book, sit and relax, have a snack, or arrange a private event. Feel the pleasant floral scents and well-laid beds of roses and lavenders. The gazebo fountain is another attraction of the garden. 

Established in 1899, Woodland Park Zoo is located in the Seattle Green Lake neighborhood where you can explore 300 species of animals.

Zoomazium features indoor attractions for kids. Zoomazium exhibits imaginative plays integrated with zoo activities, storytelling, puppet shows, and theatrical demonstrations. 

Rainforest Food Pavilion is a food court to satisfy your hunger with delightful flavors. Here you get a variety from pizzaz to burgers, from paninis to fries to vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone.

If you are planning to move to Seattle, feel free to contact a local PacWest Moving & Delivery who are experts in their field. They will be delighted to serve you with their moving expertise and make your relocation hassle-free.