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Moving to Portland: Major Companies, Weather, and Real Estate Market

Moving to Portland: Major Companies, Weather, and Real Estate Market

Portland is a major city in the Pacific Northwest seated between California and Washington state.  It is the largest and most populous city in the state of Oregon and the crown jewel of Multnomah County. 

Portland is known for its offbeat culture, numerous bridges, and sweeping views. The local moniker is “Keep Portland Weird” and there are 12 bridges within city limits. It’s home to Forest Park which is a massive urban wilderness with more than 70 miles of trails.

Portland’s reputation as a destination city has grown in recent years for people across all pursuits in life. Come for the beautiful natural landscape and numerous microbreweries, and stay for the quality of life, work opportunities, and must-see attractions.

In this article, we provide a list of major employers in Portland and what makes them a great place to work. We take a look at annual weather statistics including annual rainfall, snowfall, and the number of sunny days. You’ll learn about the local real estate market and provide an outlook of the median home prices.

Major Employers in Portland

Portland's city center
Portland is a great city for career opportunities where there are plenty of employers to choose from.

Companies form a wide range of industries are located in Portland OR. These include biotech, high-tech, engineering, financial services, and transportation. A growing number of career opportunities combined with the natural scenery has made Portland a great place for companies like these to find employees.

U.S. Bank

U.S. Bancorp is an American bank holding organization. It is the parent firm of US Bank National Association and the country's sixth-largest financial institution. There are over 4,000 employees that work from its Portland location.

adidas North America

adidas North America manufactures sports apparel and footwear for men, women, and kids. adidas North America serves customers worldwide and it’s Portland location has more than 2,000 employees and an annual revenue of $140.0M. 

Adidas building
The adidas North American headquarters is located in Portland, Oregon and has more than 2,000 employees. (Credit: Unsplash)

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear was founded in 1938 and has grown to become a world leader in outdoor and active lifestyle apparel. It’s Portland, Oregon headquarters offer many career opportunities in finance, HR, supply chain, IT and manufacturing. Columbia claims over 130 retail store locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Daimler Trucks

Daimler Trucks is a world-renowned automotive manufacturing company. It’s Portland-based Swan Island headquarters campus includes a state-of-the-art nine-story office on the Willamette River. It offers career opportunities in fields such as product design, marketing, and sales.


Portland is well-known for its dreary weather in the fall and winter. Thirty days of consecutive rain is common, but locals don’t let it interfere with outside activities like walking their dog and going for a run.

Snow in Portland city
It is common in this city to have cloudy weather in winter and fall.

Spring and summer are an entirely different story. A warm and sunny summer day in the town known as “RIP City” will rival anywhere in the world for the perfect weather. 


  • The average rainfall each year is 43 inches compared to 38 inches nationally.
  • Portland receives 3 inches of snow each year on average.
  • Portland has 144 sunny days per year on average. The average number of sunny days nationally is 205.
  • Portland has 156 days of precipitation per year on average. The average number of precipitation days nationally is 106.


What is considered the warm season lasts from June 23 to September 19 when the average daily high temperature is 76°F. August is the warmest month in Portland with average highs of 83°F and lows of 57°F.

The bridge in Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
In Portland, the warmest month is August, while December is the coldest month.

The cold season is from November 15 to February 22 with average daily highs of 52°F. December is the coldest month in Portland with an average daily low of 36°F and a high of 45°F.

Real Estate

Home buyers considering purchasing their next home in Portland will find pricing that have consistently increased since 2018. An exodus from California has contributed to higher demand and purchase prices. Some experts believe house prices will remain higher in the near future. 

According to the Metropolitan Association of Realtors, in 2021 Portland was considered a seller's market. This means that prices are rising, inventory is declining, and homes are on the market for short periods of time.

Houses in Portland
Housing prices have increased since 2018 and will remain high hereafter according to some experts.

Below are more statistics about the Portland real estate market in 2021.

  • The median sales price was $511,000, an increase from the previous year ($440,000).
  • The average sales price was $582,900, an increase from the previous year ($494,000).
  • Months of inventory equaled 0.6, a decrease from the previous year (0.8).
  • The average no. of days on the market was 32, a decrease from the previous year (40).

As home prices increase and availability decreases, you may want to consider renting as an alternative. Below is median rent data published on real estate site Zumper.

  • $2,600 per month for a condo
  • $2,215 per month for a studio
  • $1,885 per month for a townhouse 
  • $3,450 per month a house 

Cost of Moving To Portland

If the career opportunities, summer weather, and state of the housing market has convinced you to move to Portland, Oregon, hiring a Portland moving company may be in your future.

How much you can expect to pay will depending on many factors. For example, the volume and weight of your belongings, the distance between your origin and destination, and whether or not you need additional services like packing and trash haul away.

A family moving to a new house
The cost of moving to Portland will depend on several factors, such as the weight of your items, the moving distance from your point of origin, and the extra services you may need.

If you’re moving locally (less than 50 miles one way) and not crossing a state line, your costs will be less than moving from out of state. Below are guidelines for what you can expect to pay for local residential moving services delivered by a Portland moving company.

  • 1-2 bedroom apartment - $400 - $700.
  • 3-4 bedroom apartment - $550 - $850
  • 1-2 bedroom home - $500 - $800
  • 3-4 bedroom home - $700 - $1,000
  • 4+ bedroom home - $1,200 and up

If you are relocating from out of state, you will need to hire a moving company with long-distance moving credential. 

Before choosing a moving services provider, verify they are approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to conduct business in your state of origin and destination. Ask for a certificate of insurance for moving truck insurance and cargo insurance.