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A Guide For Moving To and Living In Happy Valley, Oregon

A Guide For Moving To and Living In Happy Valley, Oregon

If your family has the desire to move to Portland, Oregon, but you prefer the peacefulness of the suburbs over the grit of the city, then Happy Valley is worth considering.

With plenty of things to do, places to eat, and sights to behold, Happy Valley is one of the Portland Metro area's best-kept secrets. Happy Valley offers a quieter lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close enough to join in when you want. 

People are drawn to Happy Valley because of its charm, proximity to big-brand shopping, and proximity to the culture of Portland. 

Happy Valley offers a wide variety of home sizes and styles ranging from hillside mansions to Craftsman-style homes and standard condos.

If you want to learn about suburban neighborhoods that are close to Portland, Happy Valley, Oregon should be at the top of your list. 

Where Is Happy Valley Located? 

Happy Valley is located on the northwest edge of Clackamas County, Oregon. This picturesque oasis is also a suburban city in the Portland metropolitan area. 

You might be surprised to find out how convenient living in Happy Valley really is. This gorgeous hidden gem is within commutable distance to Portland and a short drive to the Portland International Airport.

View of Happy Valley's neighborhood
Happy Valley, Oregon is a peaceful and family-friendly suburb. (Credit: Oregon is Beautiful)

Happy Valley is located: 

  • 15 miles to Downtown Portland (27 mins) 
  • 13 miles to Portland International Airport (22 mins) 
  • 50 miles to the state capital Salem, Oregon (58 mins) 
  • 48 miles to Mt Hood National Forest (1 hr) 
  • 182 miles to Seattle, WA (3 hrs) 
  • 234 miles to Vancouver, BC (6 hrs)

People choose to move to Happy Valley not only because of its proximity to Downtown Portland but because of the town's great community vibe. You can't beat a safe, family-friendly, and affordable community only minutes away from the city. 

What County Is Happy Valley In?

Happy Valley, Oregon, is located in Clackamas County, named after the Clackamas Indians. Happy Valley was also one of four districts created by the Provisional Legislature in 1943. 

The county encompasses a total area of 1,879 square miles across northern Oregon. As of 2020, the Clackamas County population was 421,401 people. With more people choosing to move to the area, this number will likely continue to increase.

Who Lives in Happy Valley?

Happy Valley is the 27th most populated city in the state of Oregon. The county has a population of 23,733 residents, which is less than a quarter of the population in Portland. 

As of 2020, the largest racial/ethnic groups in Happy Valley are White (68.8%), followed by Asian (19.7%) and Hispanic (6.6%). 

Happy Valley homes are surprisingly affordable given the proximity to Downtown Portland. With a sparse suburban feel, most residents choose to own their own homes rather than rent. 

The median house price is currently $675,000, with the median household income at approximately $125,000. Considering how much space you can get in Happy Valley compared to Portland, you're really getting bang for your buck. 

Happy Valley homes are surprisingly affordable given the proximity to Downtown Portland.

What Are Things to Do in Happy Valley?

There are plenty of things to do and see in Happy Valley year-round. Here are just some of the best Happy Valley activities. 

Clackamas Town Center

Visit Clackamas Town Center for shopping, dining, and entertainment activities. With over 150 stores and 20-screen Century Theatres, Clackamas Town Center provides an incredible retail, dining, and entertainment experience. 

Front building of Clackamas Town Center
There are plenty of restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment options in Clackamas Town Center. (Credit: Steve Morgan / Wikimedia Commons)

You can expect to find plenty of eateries and retail stores, including: 

  • The Cheesecake Factory 
  • Panera Bread 
  • California Pizza Kitchen 
  • Macy's
  • Dave & Buster's
  • JCPenny
  • H&M 

The Clackamas Town Center is home to Oregon's largest Barnes & Noble store

Mount Talbert National Park 

Mount Talbert National Park is a 4-mile trail network home to the largest string of extinct volcanoes and lava domes. The trails are suitable for people of all hiking abilities. However, some trails are steeper than others.

During your hike, keep your eye out for native wildlife such as Western gray squirrels, deer, woodpeckers, and white-breasted nuthatches. 

Scouters Mountain Nature Park 

Scouters Mountain Nature Park offers a great vantage point to admire Mount Hood. While you're there, walk along the mile-long forest flanked trail and eat your lunch at the picnic area at the summit. 

Explore the park throughout the year and notice the mushrooms in the fall, the stunning views in the summer, and the Pacific wrens during the winter. 

Happy Valley Restaurants 

Don't think you have to make the trip to Portland to enjoy delicious food. Happy Valley is home to some of the tastiest restaurants money can buy. 

With a wide variety of cuisines, including Mexican, Chinese, American grill, Italian, Mediterranean, and Vietnamese, there is something to suit every taste bud.

Here is a list of a few local favorites:

Your Guide to Moving to Happy Valley, Oregon

Living in Happy Valley gives you the best of many worlds with gorgeous hiking trails and sprawling parks, yet close enough to the vibrant city life of Portland. Moving to Happy Valley, Oregon, is a decision no one will regret. 

Despite being a beautiful destination, moving to Happy Valley, Oregon like anywhere else can be a stressful, life-changing event. To ensure your move goes smoothly, you want to choose a moving company with residential experience and knowledge of the local area.

A mover carrying boxes during a move
When moving to Happy Valley, it is recommended to hire a professional moving company with residential experience.

PacWest Moving & Delivery is a Portland moving company that has moved hundreds of families to Happy Valley. We provide expert moving services including local residential moves, packing and loading, hourly moving labor, and move-in and out cleaning.

We serve customers throughout the Portland Metro area. With our customer-first approach, take comfort knowing your precious household goods are in safe hands.