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A Moving Guide For the Largest Cities in Arizona

A Moving Guide For the Largest Cities in Arizona

Are you thinking about relocating to Arizona? Did you know that in 1975, Arizona helped to transform the fast-food sector? This is when the Sierra Vista McDonald's launched the industry's first drive-through booth.

Ever heard of The four Corner States? Arizona is one of four that convene in a single location. The Four Corners states have been the only four that perch this boundary.

Known as the Grand Canyon state, Arizona is home to 22 national parks and landmarks that draw millions of visitors from across the world. The state is well-known for its beautiful sunsets as well as its breathtaking scenery.

Arizona seems to be an excellent choice for families, seniors, as well as young professionals, featuring 300 days of sunshine, a thriving economy, and a relatively inexpensive cost of living.

What to Know About Arizona

If the moniker didn't already speak for itself, Arizona is indeed the state that contains the preponderance of the Grand Canyon and was one of the first in the United States to declare the establishment of a national park.

The state has also been termed the "Copper State" due to its abundant copper mineral reserves, as well as the "Nation's Valentine" since it entered the union on February 14th.

Welcome to Arizona sign on the highway
Arizona has a popular nickname of Grand Canyon state.

State Flag

The colors red and yellow are inspired by the Spanish flag that Coronado took into the region. The lower part of the flag seems to be the same blue as that of the United States flag. Arizona is the union's greatest copper producer, as indicated by the copper star.


Arizonians are also known for their love of eating. While Apache trout is the state's sole officially recognized national cuisine, chimichangas are an unofficial favorite. This common affection exemplifies the Mexican-American culture of Arizona.

Foodies will love the cultural influences in Arizonian's culinary scene such as the famous Apache trout and chimichangas.


People of Arizona never have to be concerned about thunderstorms, earthquakes, or hurricanes, as well as the state has among the lowest mean rainstorms in the United States.

Temperatures in Southern Arizona range from 43–67°F in the winter to 81–106°F in the summer. The climate in northern Arizona ranges from 14 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 50 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Its amount of precipitation in Phoenix is roughly 8 inches, but the average annual precipitation in higher altitudes is 25–30 inches, with snow being the most common weather phenomenon.

Best for Retirement 

Arizona is a widespread retirement destination, with a sizable proportion of the population over the age of 65. The income from retirement is exempt from taxation. Furthermore, the state is home to a large number of senior citizen clubs in order to have a great social life.


Homeowners in Arizona prefer to be like-minded, thus having a different political viewpoint may put you in an unpleasant situation. Arizonans are staunchly conservative when it comes to immigration, law enforcement, and gun control.

Job Market

The entire employment market in Arizona has grown by roughly 3% year on year (2019). Nevertheless, the rate of unemployment is 4.7 percent, which is higher than the national average of 3.9 percent. 

The average annual income is $25,537, which is less than the contemporary US average of $28,555. The median annual household income is approximately $50,000, which is less than the national average of more than $53,000.

According to recent data, Arizona's employment market is rated second in the US, with the state adding over 84,400 jobs last year.

What are the Largest Cities in Arizona?

Arizona's cities draw people from all over the country who are searching for a reduced cost of living, new job possibilities, and outdoor leisure. Throughout Arizona, there are also numerous possibilities for art, culture, as well as urban indulgences.


  • 520,116 people live in Tucson.
  • Tucson's average age is 34.5 years.
  • Tucson The median family income is $44,365.
  • The average house price in Tucson is $172,700.

Tucson is a city in Arizona with a population of 520,116 people. This city lies 108 miles southeast of Phoenix and is home to the University of Arizona. The impact of business activity in the area revolves around this university, which also serves as the city's second-largest work employer. Many opportunities are also available at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, which is located on the city's southern outskirts.

Tucson is home to Raytheon Missiles and Defense, Texas Instruments, IBM, Intuit Inc., Honeywell Aerospace, and Sunquest Information Systems. Tourism is a key sector in Tucson, as it does in Phoenix.


  • Phoenix's population is 1,445,632 people.
  • The median age in Phoenix is 34.4 years old.
  • The average household income in Phoenix is $60,931.
  • The cost of housing in Phoenix is $215,800.

With 1,445,632 residents, Phoenix, Arizona's capital, is the state's most populous city. Because of its size, Phoenix is by far the most populous capital of the state in the nation.

This is among the few places in America that best exemplifies both the America that formerly was and the America that is swiftly rising.

It is as multicultural as they come, with numerous Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, and White Americans residing there.

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona state and it is the 5th most populous city in the United States.

The median house value in the capital is $215,800, which is neither too low nor too expensive when compared to Arizona's smaller cities. The typical house worth in the state is $225,000, so it's safe to say this is somewhat appropriate given that it's the state's largest city.


  • 460,000 people live in Mesa.
  • Mesa's median age is 35.9 years.
  • The average household income in Mesa is $63,836.
  • Mesa's median home price is $259,300.

Mesa, with a population of almost 460,000 people, is a bustling metropolis. It's a terrific spot for anyone searching for a large city feel, not quite to the same degree as you'd get in a huge metropolis like Phoenix.

Mesa provides a variety of alternatives for homeowners, whether you want a single-family home on a spacious lot or a trendy townhouse with on-site facilities.


  • Chandler's population is 261,149 people.
  • Chandler's average age is 37.8 years.
  • Chandler's median household income is $83,709 dollars.
  • The average house price in Chandler is $342,200.
A beautiful house in Chandler, Arizona
Chandler is a safe city to live in for families and professionals. (Credit: Cathy Carter)

Chandler, with a population of almost 250,000 people, is a city that ideally blends family-friendly and sophisticated. This is due in great part to its award-winning educational district and thriving downtown area.

When you combine it with superb security including amenities ranging from wonderful amazing restaurants to recognized clinical expertise, it's easy to see why Chandler has been a consistent inclusion on many a major Top x list in the country over the previous decade.


  • Scottsdale has a population of 258,064 people.
  • Scottsdale The median age is 50.1 years old.
  • Scottsdale Average Household Income: $86,097
  • Scottsdale The median price of a home is $534,300.

Scottsdale is among the most "perfect" towns you'll discover anyplace; it's a region of stark contrasts. But on the other hand, it is a contemporary city, ranking eighth on DataFox's list of top places to build a startup in 2015.

The 258,064-person conurbation is generally stereotyped as a city for seniors, and you would be hard pushed to find a favorable choice to raise a family — crime rates are low, average family income is high, and there are plentiful amenities, a fantastic standard of living, and upper edge education.

Move to Arizona's Most Popular Cities

If you want to reside in one of Arizona's major cities, there are many wonderful areas to choose from. The state's main cities have an unending lot of tasks to do, particularly for outdoor enthusiasts.

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