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The Most Historic Churches in Hillsboro, Oregon

The Most Historic Churches in Hillsboro, Oregon

Hillsboro, located in Tualatin Valley, is one of the oldest cities in Oregon. The city is full of history and natural landscapes with a diverse population. 

About 31.6% of the population in Hillsboro is religious. Out of that, 10.9% are Catholic, 7% have other Christian faith, 1.0 % are Methodist, and 1.2 % are Presbyterian. In Hillsboro, 82 churches have been serving 32 denominations to cater religious activities of the Christian community.

If you belong to Christianity and are done moving to Hillsboro, you need to know the holy places for worship. So, here are a few beautiful historic churches you can select.

1. Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church, Hillsboro

      a. Establishment: 1873 

      b. Location: 30685 NW Old Scotch Rd, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

      c. Denomination: Presbyterian Church

Points of Attraction:

Tualatin Plains Church is one of the Historic Churches in Hillsboro added to the National Register of Historic Places. Another common name for this church is Old Scotch Church. The church was named Scotch because the founders were Scottish people who settled in the Tualatin plains.   

This church was built in 1878 and has Carpenter Gothic architecture.  It has a beautiful white-colored building with an eight-sided steeple, a steep roof with grey stone, and stained glass windows. Apart from that, two beautiful White hanging lights enhance the attraction of the hall with white-colored walls.

The history of the Old Scotch Church states that it has the historic pulpit, large pulpit Bible, sterling communion service, and communion table that are in use. The history of the church bell goes back to 1926. In addition, the church has a beautiful Celtic Cross made with dogwood mounted in Chancel. 

Old Scotch Church serves with a mission to Discover, Celebrate, and Honor. This historic church has a family of loving people who honor each other. The service time of the church is 10:00 am. on Sunday. 

2. Hillsboro United Methodist Church 

      a. Establishment: 1843

      b. Location: 168 NE 8th Avenue, Hillsboro OR 97124, 

      c. Denomination: Methodist

Points of Attraction:

The UMC Hillsboro was established in 1843 with the settlement of its pioneers in Tualatin Plains. The building of UMC has an exterior design of red bricks, a grey-steep roof, and narrow vertical windows that look beautiful. There is also a square bell tower with a steep steeple in grey stones rising above the roofline. A cross stands on the top of this steeple. 

The church has an attractive interior design. Arches in the worship hall are lined with wood frames to add up the grace. It looks more welcoming when the hanging lights light up. There is a large wooden cross in the middle of the wall behind the altar. Finally, the wooden seats with red covers are so attractive. 

Worship timings are on Sunday at 10:00 am. Parishioners have the option to worship online or at the church. Attendees are allowed in casual dressings. People with walkers and wheelchairs have access to the main worship floor of the church.

3. St. Matthew Catholic Church Hillsboro, Oregon

      a. Establishment: NA

      b. Location: 447 SE 3rd Ave Hillsboro, OR 97123

      c. Denomination: Catholic

Points of Attraction:

Saint Matthew’s is the only Catholic Church in Hillsboro, Oregon. They believe in the Catholic community and Christ as the center of their lives. 

The church has a beautiful building with a two-toned exterior of bricks and a light greyish combination. A slightly steeped rooftop has a beautiful golden Cross fixed in the top center. The church tower on the side is mid-toned with white borders around the narrow long glass windows. A golden Celtic Cross on the top of the church tower and a lush green area around the church enhances the beauty. 

They believe in the Catholic community and Christ as the center of their lives.

The interior of St. Matthew is made attractive with stained glass windows and simple white hanging lights. Wood panels decor in the ceiling, wall-mounted light fixtures, and Chandeliers make the worship hall more welcoming and beautiful.

The church has a daily Mass schedule from Monday to Fri at 8:15 am. Another bilingual Mass schedule is 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Saturdays at 8:15 am and 5:30 pm. Sunday Mass is at 6:00 am (Spanish), 8:30 am, 10:00 am, 11:30 (Spanish), and 5:30 pm (Spanish). 

4. Evergreen Christian Center

      a. Establishment: 1931

      b. Location: 4400 NW Glencoe Rd, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

      c. Denomination: Foursquare 

Points of Attraction

The history of the church goes back to 1931. At that time, Gordon Lindsay, the pastor of a non-denominational church in Hillsboro, proposed to be affiliated with the Foursquare denomination. Then, he and two other pastors, along with Foursquare Reverend Willard Pope, set up the Evergreen Christian Center as Foursquare Congregation. 

Initially, the church was located at 349 SE 4th Street in Hillsboro and served the community for 40 years. The church relocated to the existing building of Evergreen Christian Center in 1974 on 17 acres of land. About 1000 attendees come to the church on weekends.

The building of Evergreen Center has an exterior of bricks with a steep roof. The interior of the center is simple and beautiful. Lighting fixtures, wood panels in ceilings, and hanging lights add more grace to the interior design.

Sunday service times are 9:15 am. and 11:00 am. Classic service is at 8:00 am. Sunday online services are available at 7:00 am. for kids and 9:15 am. for adults.

How to Pick the Best Church for You

Like every religion, Christianity has its beliefs, known as denominations. Therefore, churches of various denominations serve their respective communities. There are also some non-denominational churches for those who are not confident about their denomination. 

So, pick the church of your denomination, and if you do not know yours, then choose a non-denominational church. Secondly, consider the nearest one that is easy to go to, and finally, pick the church with the best-suited services.