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The Most Historic Churches in Eugene, Oregon

The Most Historic Churches in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, a city in Pacific Northwest, Oregon is the second most populated city in the state after Portland. People of Oregon are religiously affiliated with Christianity, Jewish, Sikhs, and others. Out of the overall population, 25.3% of the residents in Eugene are religious. 

The largest denomination out of the religious communities is Roman Catholic. Six Roman Catholic churches are housed in Eugene. However, 3.3% of residents in Eugene are Pentecostal, 0.4% are Episcopalian and 5.5% are of another faith. 

Eugene is one of the favorite places for people to move to. The reason could be the availability of a lot of attractions for people of all ages, including youngsters, professionals, families, and senior citizens. So people who are new residents or planning to move to Eugene, want to know their religious denominations' holy establishments. This article aims to help the new residents choose a beautiful and historic church of their denomination. 

1. First Christian Church

     a. Establishment: 1866

     b. Location: 1166 Oak Street Eugene, OR 97401

     c. Denomination: Disciples of Christ

Points of Attraction:

The First Christian Church was established in 1866. The existing building was founded in 1911. At that time, the building was beautifully designed under the Akron Plan. The Church has also been registered as a historic building.  

The stained glass windows in the church enhance the exterior and interior attraction of the building. The glass-painted windows of the Sanctuary portray the story of Christ, whereas the foyer glass exhibits the disciples. The pillars, ceilings, and dome in Sanctuary are adorned with the lost art of plaster moldings.

The front view of First Christian Church.
First Christian Church is a recognized historic building of Eugene, Oregon. (Credit: Visitor7 / Wikimedia Commons)

This beautiful church has undergone remodeling many times throughout the years. In 1926, the bell tower had an extension with the Deagan chimes. Replacement of vintage light fixtures and furniture took place during remodeling from 1949 to 1959. Moreover, during the 1980s renovation, walls got painted symmetrically with stained glass. 

The First Christian Church opens for Sunday worship at 10:30 am and the prelude starts at 10:20 am.

2. St. Mary Roman Catholic Church

    a. Establishment: 1887

    b. Location: 1062 Charnelton St, Eugene, Oregon 97401

    c. Denomination: Roman Catholic

Points of Attraction:

The historical establishment of St. Mary Roman Catholic Church was built in 1927, although the history of the formal Roman Catholic parish goes back to 1887. An architect from Portland, Joseph Jacobberger, designed this building in a modified Gothic style. 

In the early years, St. Mary Church had a beautiful interior, including the main altar made in Italy. A crucifix was mounted above the altar on the background of a black and gold brocade drape and later painted in gold. The church has a 1398-pipe organ that is still being used. 

The beautiful church has an appealing exterior of red bricks and a cross is fixed on the center of the slanted roof of the Parish office. There is a statue of St. Mary in the courtyard, surrounded by a lush green landscape. 

A priest inside the St. Mary Roman Catholic Church in Eugene, Oregon.
The church was designed in a modified Gothic style by a Portland architect. (Credit: Todd Cooper / Eugene Weekly)

The church’s building has gone through many renovations and additions since its establishment. Now, it features a Parish hall, Sanctuary, Shrine of Our Lady Guadalupe, Teen center, Library, Nursery, Classrooms, Admin offices, etc. 

St. Mary's Catholic Church offers different Mass timings during the week. These are on Sundays, 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm (Spanish), and 5:30 pm (Life Teen). Saturdays, 8:00 am, and 5:30 pm Latin Vigil, Monday-Friday 12:15 pm, and Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 am.

3. St. Mary's Episcopal Church

     a. Establishment: 1859

     b. Location: 1300 Pearl Street. Eugene, Oregon 97401

     c. Denomination: Episcopal

Points of Attraction:

A beautiful Episcopal Church is appealing not only for worship it has an equally exciting history that relates to the early days of Eugene. The parish started in a building covering an area of one acre. Eugene Skinner, the founder of Eugene city, gifted the land for the church. 

The church holds a historic altar on its side chapel which was gifted by Rev. Loveridge who was a priest here till 1907 and it enhances the attraction of the interior. The stained glass windows feature the traditional art of the churches. The community's old church relocated to its present building in 1938, one of the most beautiful churches in downtown Eugene. The church has a remarkable design with a brick finish and grey-colored slant roofs. 

St. Mary's Episcopal welcomes its community with a mission to "Worship. Serve. Grow in Faith". Sunday worship is scheduled at 8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:00 am, and 1:30 pm.

4. Central Presbyterian Church

    a. Establishment: 1855

    b. Location: 555 E. 15th Ave, Eugene, Oregon 97401

    c. Denomination: Presbyterian Church

Points of Attraction:

One of the historic churches, the First Presbyterian Church of Eugene came into being in 1855. Formerly it was known as Eugene Presbyterian Church. Later in 1906, named Central Presbyterian Church, Eugene. 

Sunday worship is held at 10:00 am at Church Sanctuary. They welcome all ages in worship. A dedicated kids' space has different activities for kids during worship hours. The community is encouraged to come well before worship to meet others in the hallway and listen to the organ prelude. Moreover, they have Fellowship hour every Sunday to enjoy social interaction with other community members at tea, coffee, and snacks.

How to Pick the Best Church for You

Eugene has many religious establishments of different denominations for its Christian community. Even if you are unaware of your denomination, the city has holy churches for you as well. So choose the church that fits your denomination, location, services, and mass timings best suit you.