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How To Move With Kids and Keep Everyone Happy

How To Move With Kids and Keep Everyone Happy

Let’s face it. No matter if you find moving homes exciting or taxing - but if you have kids, then it’s a completely new challenge to convince them while praying for minimum resistance. 

We have to realize that whatever the reason to move, it can be trivial for the little ones too, and it is sensible to consider their needs, emotions, and concerns before you indulge in the rituals. 

For you to engage in this intimidating exercise - here is what you should do to navigate through this tricky terrain. 

They Hear It From You First

It is vital! As children base all their relations on trustworthiness, so make sure that they hear about the move from you instead of finding it by a third person or when they see you starting to pack. They are smarter and more sensible than you might think. The first question they are more likely to ask is “When did you decide”; it will be reassuring to them if told that they are first since you made the decision and that you are open to answer any of their concerns. 

Timing Is Important

It is crucial to think it through on when to break the news to the kids. Therefore, it’s ideal to start the conversation while playing with them or engaging in their favorite activity. Be as open as you can and explain to them the reasons to move and why, how, and when are you going to move. 


Look at it as making a sale by focusing on the positives the new home and neighborhood have to offer. Let the children know about its advantages for the entire family and how it will benefit them. Keep it real though as creating unrealistic expectations might subdue the situation for now, but will open a new plethora of issues later. 

Parents playing chess with their children
Keep the conversation positive and have them engaged in a fun activity

Be Patient and Expect a Reaction

You have to realize that it is a big deal for a child, so give them time to process the life-changing news. As much as we do not want our kids to be upset, but it is a very normal reaction; therefore, expect your kids to be sad, upset, or throw tantrums in opposition. Be Empathic and let them know that you understand how they must feel about leaving their old home, friends or school behind. Reciprocating their emotions will not only prove to be a strong bonding process but also make your young ones feel that they matter. 

Encourage a Dialogue

Let them ask questions, and don’t be overwhelmed. The idea is to make them feel heard and listened to. Therefore, they know their opinion matters as a family member in such an important decision. 

Stand Your Ground

No matter what reaction you get or how many questions they ask? Always make sure that you make it clear that you are confident about your decision, and it is final. Having doubts or second thoughts in front of your young ones might confuse or scare them about the uncertainty of the whole idea to give up the lifestyle, as they know it. 

Be firm with your decision, but allow your child to be heard

Final Thoughts

Finally, you made it! Now that the kids are onboard, seal the deal by involving them in the entire process by assigning them small tasks and maybe organize a small farewell party with their friends. A tour of the new home and neighborhood, with a stopover at their favorite drive-by food place, will go a long way.