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How To Safely Pack Your China

How To Safely Pack Your China

Now that you’ve decided on moving to another city, there’s that little problem of properly packing your prized possessions in such a way that they don’t get damaged. 

Your fine china fits right into that category. These are not just cups and plates that make our kitchen cabinets look good. Most of them are old and expensive family heirlooms or a reminder of something significant in your life. It totally makes to protect these fragile darlings at all costs. 

Maybe that’s why you got really mad when your child or pet broke one of them (been there, done that). 

The mere thought of moving precious china across several highways to a new home is enough to make some persons think otherwise about moving. 

But since you have to, here are some ways you can safely pack your china with damaging them during the moving process. 

Before you start packing your precious china, you will need the following materials in place:

  • Packing paper 
  • Packing tissue 
  • Packing tape 
  • Moving boxes 

Enlist the help of your friends and family members. 

If you’ve got several mugs, bowls, and plates to wrap, you should reach out to your friends and family members to enlist their help. With several people helping you pack, the work will be over in no time.

Friends helps with packing
Ask friends and family members for help in packing and assign duties to all of them.

Clear a small section of your house and designate duties to all of them. 

Erm, it’s best if you don’t invite that friend who’s fond of breaking plates over. 

Cut the packing paper to the size of each item 

With the aid of scissors, cut several sheets of packing paper according to each dish’s size. Remember, each packing paper sheet should be wide enough to cover all the sides of the dish. 

You can opt to use bubble wrap if your china is particularly old, rare and expensive.

Wrap each china one at a time

If you’re wrapping plates, turn then face down on the packing paper. You can then bunch the paper to create a seal in the middle. 

It is recommended to use packing tape to secure it in place.

Wrapping a plate with paper
Wrap china with packing paper and use a recommended tape to prevent damage.

Resist the urge to pack more than one plate together. China is not like silverware or stainless plates that are more durable.  

Use the rolling technique to pack vases and mugs 

To package your cups and vases securely, cut out a sheet of packing paper and place it on a flat surface. Carefully position the cup or vase at the corner of the sheet and slowly roll it (with the sheet) through the sheet’s length. 

The excess paper remaining should be stuffed into the opening of the cups and secure it with tape. For extra padding, you can crumple a packing sheet into a ball and place it inside the opening of the cup. 

Carefully pack the moving box

Stack the bottom of each moving box with newspapers before placing your china inside. Do not pack different sizes of china into the same box. 

Family helps on packing moving boxes
Before putting your china inside the box, make sure to pile the bottom of the moving box with newspapers for added protection.

Your plates should be stacked sides-up inside the moving box. Bowls and vases should be stacked vertically while cups should be positioned on the sides. 

Ensure that all sides of the moving boxes are properly padded with newspapers with the china inside. This is to restrict movement which saves your china from damaging.  

When packing them inside the truck, the heaviest boxes must always remain at the bottom. To protect your china, it is recommended to stack them two boxes high. No more. 

Your undivided attention should be paid when packing china. Best if you keep your phone away.