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How to Move Your Car to Another State

How to Move Your Car to Another State

Moving out of state may be stressful, and figuring out how to transfer your automobile to a new state can be much more difficult. However, getting your car shipped to another state does not have to be a hassle. There are a few choices available to make the transition as simple as possible. 

This article aims to highlight some of the best ways to move your car to another state that you can choose from according to your budget and availability. 

Drive Yourself

While the most time-consuming, this option gives you complete control over your vehicle's movement. If you're only traveling a small distance, this is the most convenient and cost-effective alternative. When you go 500 miles or more, the price of driving personally may not be to your advantage.

Hire an Auto Transport Company

Auto transport services are businesses that provide open or closed air carriers to transfer autos from one area to another. Finding a trustworthy vehicle moving company and allowing them to perform all of the hard liftings is the most stress-free way to transport a car to another state. 

There are several auto transport firms promoting their services on the internet. Using this strategy to locate a tow truck service has significant benefits. For example, if money is the problem, this is an excellent method to compare costs and gain discounts. Besides, firms situated across the country and those who move autos from one state to the next, are easily accessible.

Find a trustworthy and reliable vehicle moving company to transport your car from out of state.

Hire a Professional Driver

The third option to consider to have your car moved to another state is to hire a driver. That ‘hired driver’ can be a family member, friend, or better yet, a professional driver. This option is highly preferred by most people but it demands a little more trust and concentration by the owner to hire a trusted person to put them behind the wheels of his car.

A professional driver is driving an SUV on the road.
The ‘hired driver’ can be a family member, friend, or professional driver.

While hiring a professional driver, make sure if they are driving your car with caution. Apart from that, make sure the hired driver has record of professional behavior such as refraining from smoking inside the car as well as driving at acceptable speed.  

Moreover, in this case, you have to keep the total cost including the cost of gas, food, and lodging in your mind to make the decision accordingly.

Tow or Trail Your Car

Another possible option for shipping your car to another state is to tow or trail the car in the back of the truck using the tow dolly or car trailers. This way can come to rescue when you are moving your other belongings in a moving truck because these moving companies are always offering their services or renting the equipment needed. 

Moreover, this option is suitable for people who are used to towing cars or who are comfortable doing it by themselves. Keep in mind that this will make your trip more difficult in terms of flexibility, so if you're already uncomfortable dragging a large moving truck, you might not want to cope with a car trailer as well.

Car trailer carrying a vehicle on the road.
This option is suitable for people who are used to towing cars or are comfortable doing it alone.

Open Air Carriers vs Enclosed Carriers: Which One to Choose?

Open Air Carriers

Open air carriers are one of the readily available options because they are quite affordable and they carry nine to ten cars at a time to ship them where they need to be shipped safely. 

The advantage on which most people have a look too as well is that the cars are observable during the whole shipping journey. It helps the driver to have a quick look if in case he senses any danger during the shipment.

Enclosed Carriers

If the you want to protect the car completely during the moving process then you should go for the enclosed carriers option. Although you will have to pay more than usual, but the process will be stress-free and unaffected from weather and danger from the surroundings.

This option is more like booking a private carrier which will carry just a single car under full concentration or sometimes the company might carry 3 to 4 cars. This ensures a smooth and timely delivery of your car to your destination.

How to Prepare Your Car for a Move?

As much easy the process might sounds, there is a huge difference between having your car shipped to your destination and just driving a car regulary. For this reason, it is extremely necessary to keep a few things in mind before you attempt to move your car. 

To start, check your gas/fuel gauge and make sure it's no more than a quarter full. Apart from that, remove all of your belongings from a car. The firm you choose may require that your vehicle be empty or may just have a weight limit.

Next, take out all valuables from the vehicle, including documents in the glove compartment and freestanding GPS devices. Moreover, check the tires on your automobile to verify they are properly inflated and in good condition. Finally, check the battery in your automobile to verify it is completely charged.

A woman is checking a car before moving day.
Check the tires on your automobile to verify they are properly inflated and in good condition.

If you are looking for professionals to help you during your move as well as are flexible to work with, PacWest Moving and Delivery might come to your rescue. They have helped hundreds of people achieve a stress-free and smooth move.