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How to Choose The Right Moving Company For Your Move

How to Choose The Right Moving Company For Your Move

The moving company you hire for your move can make or break the whole process. The Better Business Bureau received more than 5,700 complaints about movers in 2019. These included missing or damaged items, delayed deliveries, and payments for unworked hours. 

These incidents can be avoided if you choose a moving company that has the experience, transparency, and necessary equipment. 

However, before all that, you must be clear about your moving needs. This article focuses on the three areas of need including packing, heavy items, and the difference between local and long-distance moving.

Local or Long-Distance Moving

Typically, a local move is any move across a distance of 50-100 miles or less. In contrast, a long-distance move usually takes more than 400 miles. Besides, it can also be categorized as an inter-state, intra-state, or cross-country move. 

In order to know if a moving company provides long-distance moving you can check through the internet, the phonebook, and your network of friends. Apart from that, you can visit their websites or you can call their sales department to see if they carry out the long-distance move. 

Since long-distance moving deals with longer distances, it automatically results in a longer time, multiple trips, and higher costs. 

A red moving truck on the highway
Long-distance moving is often categorized as inter-state, intra-state, or cross-country moves.

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of a local intrastate move is $2,300 and the average cost of a long-distance move is $4,300. In June 2022, Chris Kissell reported to US News that moving 500 miles costs $1,600 to $8,000, whereas moving 1500 miles costs $4,000 to $17,000. Both of these estimations show that the long-distance moves cost twice or more than local moves. 

To find the safest moving company for long-distance or interstate moves, remember to verify its credentials. Every licensed moving company has a number issued to them by the Department of Transportation (USDOT), as well as a carrier number provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). However, this may not apply to local movers since they are not so regulated. 

Packing Assistance

Packing refers to consolidating all home items into boxes, bags, suitcases, and other easily portable containers. 

More importantly, those objects will need to be organized and sorted into categories based on several factors including size, functionality, and room use. It is also a good idea to list them all so that you can keep track during transportation and unpacking. You can complete this step in one of three ways:

1. Self-Packing

In this kind of packing, you will have to go through all the steps of listing, organizing, sorting, planning, loading, and unloading. 

2. Partial Packing

If you are under tight budget constraints and don’t want to take the stress of self-packing, you can go for partial packing services.  The moving company does all the packing and then you can load the boxes in your car and drive to the destination.

3. Full-Service Packing

This is usually the ideal option for both local and long-distance moves. A local moving company that offers full-service packing will take care of each step carefully and efficiently. Since they are trained to pack safely, you can focus on other aspects of moving and expedite the process. 

Full-service packing is a service provided by a moving company that will take care of all of your packing needs carefully and efficiently.

For the last two options, you will have to choose a moving company that offers packing as a service. Remember to ask them if they have a list of prohibited items that they will not move. A local moving company usually has a shorter list compared to the long-distance ones. 

Heavy Items

For moving, heavy items are usually considered to be objects whose weight is over 250 pounds. These items may take three or more professional movers to transfer and also require special handling on the stairs. Typically, such pieces include pianos, gun safes, hot tubs, giant treadmills, and large aquariums.

Relying on an experienced moving company would be the ideal choice for carrying these items. They can provide the special equipment required for such tasks. For example, the safest moving company will use a piano dolly and a piano board to move your piano. The piano board or piano skid board provides a secure base and comes with holes to secure the straps around your instrument. Then it is rolled onto the piano dolly for easily transporting it to the required destination.

If you have heavy items that need to be moved, remember to disclose them to your moving company early in the process. Choose a moving company that has the experience and the equipment to transport such objects safely.

PacWest Moving & Delivery is one such moving company that provides transportation, full-service packing, moving supplies, and more. Their professional movers have the expertise to sort, load, and unload your belongings carefully within a short timeframe. It helps in both local and long-distance moves.