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Dorm Essentials Everyone Should Have: Girls and Boys

Dorm Essentials Everyone Should Have: Girls and Boys

A dorm is a place where you are going to spend a lot of time during your college years. So the dorm should be provided with most facilities to survive the years away from home smoothly. There must be an overwhelming amount of stuff you think about a dorm. Making your place look like home requires a lot of planning on how to do so. This article gives you guidance on how to make a dorm transform into a livable place like home.

Bed Room Essentials

Moving out of college and leaving home sounds interesting to many students until they face the difficulty of having to fit everything in the dorm properly. There's no feeling more disturbing than showing up to the dorm unprepared. Below are the items you should pack for your bedroom.

1. Extra Long Bed Sheets

Dorm rooms include beds and mattress which often comes in irregular sizes or for sharing with others. In situations like these, you won’t be able to bring the bedsheets from your home hence, consider buying XL bed sheets for better use.

2. Adjustable Bed Riser

The bed riser is adjustable material that raises the bed a few inches up from the floor. It will benefit in providing you with extra space under the bed for usage.

3. Comforters, Pillow(s), and Blankets

After the mattress and sheets, you will need a soft comforter and fluffy pillow(s) because you are likely going to spend most of the time on the dorm bed. Many often forget to have arrangements for winter in the hostel room so don't forget to pick a blanket with you while moving.

A set of duvet and pillows on bed
Bring a soft comforter and fluffy pillows with you while moving.

4. Ear Plugs and Eye Mask

While sharing a room with other roommates, there are chances that your sleeping routine may not be the same as your roommates. Some are early birds and others like to be awake till midnight. To avoid such troubles, keep an eye mask and ear plugs with you to avoid the noise and lights in your surroundings and have better sleep. 

5. Alarm Clock And Desk Fan

The other essential item you should not forget to buy is an alarm clock. To tackle the fear of missing an important class due to not being able to wake up, an alarm is a must.

Apart from that,  if you face trouble studying in a room that does not include air conditioning, consider having an adjustable fan that would help you to stay cold during hot days.

Washroom Essentials 

Sharing a dorm bathroom with others doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not be worried about having your washroom essentials with you. Here is a list of important toiletries everyone living on the campus needs.

1. Buy a Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is an easy way to organize your bathroom essentials in one place. A shower caddy is like a big bag having different size compartments. This will help you have a separate section for shampoo, soaps, face wash, and skin care products while having everything in one place.

2. Shower Slippers

It is advised to never walk barefoot in the shared washroom as you might catch germs. Buy slippers specifically for showering. Comfortable anti-slip shower slippers keep your feet away from the dirt and avoid getting waterlogged.

A picture of white bathroom slippers on a gray background.
Buy slippers specifically for showering.

3. Bring a Towel Set

Never step out of your house without carrying a separate towel set for the hostel dorm. Sharing a towel with other roommates is not good for hygiene and personal satisfaction. Having separate towels for different uses can be helpful for you to use in the bathroom after you arrive at the dorm.

Wardrobe and Laundry Necessities

Many college dorms provide empty rooms to students by only arranging large furniture such as beds, wardrobes, tables, and appliances. Collecting essentials for wardrobe and laundry is something you need to figure out. For that, we suggest you buy the things which are mentioned below to have an idea of how you should set your huge stuff in an undersized dorm.

1. A Huge Laundry Basket

To avoid spreading your clothes all over your room or pilling your dirty clothes on a chair, buy a huge laundry basket. Store the clothes which need to be clean. Taking a laundry basket near the washing machine when it's time for doing laundry is the smart way rather than finding missing pieces of your clothes while washing.

A laundry basket full of clothes
Buy a large laundry basket to avoid spreading your clothes all over your room or pilling your dirty clothes on a chair.

2. Under-Bed Storage Bags

Dorm rooms are mostly small and have limited free space. Arranging your required stuff in a compact area demands some creativity. Under-bed storage bags are the solution to keep your needed clothes or other things with you. Place the bag under the bed and fill it with the items that don’t need to be used now.

3. Set of Hangers

A dorm may not be providing all the essentials you would need while living there. Hence, having a set of hangers is crucial to make your wardrobe attractive and easy to find clothes from.

Others Essentials

1. Mini Fridge

Having a mini fridge inside the dorm rooms can be beneficial for summer. You won't have to worry about arranging cold water or soft drinks right after coming back to the room for resting.

A black mini fridge inside an accommodation.
It is advantageous to have a mini fridge during summer months for easy access of cold refreshments.

2. Bathroom and Laundry Washers

Buying cleaning essentials like toilet cleaners, detergents, and washing soups are compulsory to buy if you are not provided with hostel helpers and need to do this part of cleaning by yourself too. It is recommended to buy every product in a large size so that it last long. Moreover, a vacuum cleaner saves you a lot of time.