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8 Important Steps to Take While Moving Into A New House

8 Important Steps to Take While Moving Into A New House

Moving into a new place means moving your whole organized way of living to the new location. Unfortunately, this is not all it takes. Moving your belongings to a new destination is just the first step of moving as this requires many other tasks to be able to live like before. From cleaning to completing the repairs, it takes more effort than you think. 

This article aims to ease your moving journey by highlighting 8 important steps that you should take after moving your belonging to a new house.

1. Take a Complete House Tour

Taking a house tour of the new place before shifting, is the foremost step to take after finalizing bookings. These are the few steps you should be taking to make sure everything in your mind is there.

  1. Check if the promised and contracted objects are present in the house as well as make sure the removal of items that were not included in the sale. 
  2. Check if the renovation or construction work is done the way promised by the dealer.
  3. Walking into the house when it's empty is a suitable time to get the idea of how you are going to set it and what will go where.
  4. Check if everything is in a functioning state like buttons, doors, and windows.
  5. Check if the house is free from dirt or if there are any visible stains anywhere.
Excited couple touring an empty house before moving.
The best time to perform a complete house tour is when it’s still empty to get the idea of how you will set it and what will go where.

2. Taking a Few Security Steps

Once you have moved to your new house, even though you might think it is ready for living, there are some loose ends to be tied. Now keep in mind this is a totally new place for your kids and pets and it’ll take time for them to get used to it.

Until they do, these are some of the measures you should take.

  1. Create a separate living space for children and your furry friends that is safe from the outside environment until they are familiar with the place.
  2. Make no entrance compulsory over some spots still in progress such as electricity flux, or gas leakage doubts areas.
  3. Have a look towards the windows to make sure they are securely locked or are far away from kids' reach while playing
  4. Putting heavy items inside the upper cabinet such as cleaning pieces of equipment or metal iron objects is necessary to keep your kids safe
  5. Arranging essential items already in the fridge for eating would help them stay calm and busy.

3. Performing a Compulsory Cleaning Session

Cleaning is a necessary task to perform before having everything placed properly in its place. While cleaning, always think of cleaning high before cleaning low. For example, start by cleaning fans, cabinets and such items then move to cleaning the floor, extracting dirt from spots, and so on. The trick to sufficiently doing this task is by cleaning item to item rather than cleaning room to room.

A woman cleaning a kitchen countertop
Always think of cleaning high before cleaning low.

4. Placing Your Belongings

Figuring out what is going to be placed where and finding the right spots for furniture, gathering several pieces to decorate would be fun and hard work. However, having this sorted before landing your belongings inside the house would not feel like a burden. Later you can move on to unpacking furniture, antiques, and groceries items.

5. Locate Your Fuse Box Or Water Valve

Locating the place of the fuse, fixing water valves or tanks, and getting electricity boards done before moving would save you so much trouble. The electricity flux needs to be inside your garage or store rooms. The water valve should be located at the perimeter of your house. These tasks are mostly ignored in the process, which then causes trouble. Having your backup chart ready will make your heading process ten times easier.

Locate the place of the fuse, fixing water valves or tanks, and getting electricity boards done before moving.

6. Completing the Constructions

If you are moving into a house that does not have a previous owner, chances are good that there must be construction work that needs to be finished. If something like this gets to your attention, start working on that before.

Check if electricity is working correctly, water pipelines are not causing any trouble, and make sure there is no gas leakage anywhere. Also, if your house had owners before you, they may have keys to the doors. Pay for the small cost of changing your locks to satisfy your peace of mind.

7. Notify Others About Your Move

You may have done this task before landing in a new location. If not, then now is the time to do it. Update your living address at your workplace, educational site, and subscription service. Notify your friends and family about moving. Lastly, consider reporting to the bank if you are having loan installments.

A couple using a laptop during their moving day.
Update your living address at your workplace, educational site, and subscription service.

8. Meeting Your Neighbors

Arriving in new neighborhood mandates a good relationship with the neighbors also. Meeting your neighbors with a bit of niceness is going to have a positive impact on your living. Having a friendship with neighbors will help you a lot in teaching you about their community plus, they would suggest some good places to go visit.