Moving Tips

How To Evaluate a Moving Quote

Moving quotes vary from one moving company to the other. We break down how to assess your moving quote successfully in this article.

Dorm Essentials Everyone Should Have: Girls and Boys

Moving away from home for college is overwhelming. Read our guide to learn what to pack and bring when you move into a college dorm.

8 Important Steps to Take While Moving Into A New House

Moving to a new place is overwhelming. Here, we've listed all the essential steps you should take after moving your belonging to a new house.

How to Move Your Belongings to a New Country? Furniture, Pets, and More

Moving to a new country is not easy and can be stressful. Check out our guide on the best ways to move your belongings overseas.

How to Move Your Car to Another State

Learn about the best ways to transport your car to another state and easily make the transition.

How to Protect Your Furniture During a Long Distance Move?

Moving furniture pieces can be a handful of a task. Learn how to protect your furniture during a long-distance move in our guide.

How to Pack Your Kitchen for Moving

Packing kitchen items for a move can be challenging. Read our tips on packing your kitchen and making the packing process smoother for you.

How to Pack a TV for Moving

Packing a TV for your move needs to be done more carefully than other electronics. Read on to find out how to pack TVs most securely and efficiently.

How to Prepare Your Items for Storage

Moving to a new place often requires renting a storage unit. We outline the A to Z of preparing and packing your belongings for storage.

What are the Different Types of Moving Companies and Services?

Learn the different types of moving companies and services to help you choose which one suits your preferences for a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

How to Choose The Right Moving Company For Your Move

Hiring a moving company for your relocation can make or break the whole process. Check out our guide on choosing the right moving company for your move.

How To Determine the Right Moving Truck for Your Move

Selecting the right moving truck is imperative to reduce moving day woes and stress. Learn the five things to consider when choosing the right moving truck for your move.

PacWest Moving Featured in RedFin Article

PacWest Moving was invited by leading real estate service provider RedFin to contribute to a blog article about minimalist moving.

How To Safely Pack Your China

Protect your fragile items during the moving process using proven techniques and packing supplies designed to absorb the bumps along the way.

How to Choose the Best Packing Materials for Your Move

Knowing the differences between the types of packing materials will help you conquer the packing process.

Simple and Beautiful: How To Create a Flower Garden In 4 Easy Steps

A fun after-move project that will turn your outdoor space into a colorful and thriving garden you can appreciate all year.

How to Create an At-Home Classroom On a Budget For Your Children

Learn how to repurpose items at home to create spaces that keep your child focused and maximize learning opportunities.

Dishonesty and Deception: What You Can Do To Avoid Falling For a Moving Scam

No-shows, hostage-takeovers and property high-jacking can ruin a move. Learn how to avoid working with a moving company with bad intentions.

How To Organize and Simplify a Move Using Moving Apps

A review of apps to help you prepare, move into your new house, and settle into your new neighborhood.

Packing Antiques: How To Protect High-Value Items and Heirlooms During a Move

Antiques and other heirlooms require specialized packing materials. Learn what supplies you need to keep your one-of-a-kind items safe.

Best Places To Rent a Moving Truck Online

We provide a list of five time-tested and reputable moving rental truck companies that offer online reservation systems.

How To Move With Kids and Keep Everyone Happy

Learn why you should involve kids in the decisions of the moving process and the value of a positive attitude throughout your move.

How To Pack Artwork, Canvas Prints, and Photos Before Your Household Move

Learn about the techniques to properly and securely pack your framed artwork when you move.

Returning To Happiness: How To Cope With Homesickness After a Move

How to spot the signs of homesickness and what you can do to make it easier moving to your new home location.

Moving With Cats: How To Keep Your Feline Healthy During a Move

How herbs can calm your cat and keep them at peace for the duration of the moving process.

Mover Tips: How Much Should You Give and Alternatives To Cash

Discover the numerous ways to show movers your gratitude and guidance on how much to tip.